:: NOTICE: Recovery Movement Control Order as of 10 June to 31 August 2020

Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) has been extended until 31st August 2020 and it is now entering the recovery phase which is now called the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). Beginning 10th June, the government is lifting several restrictions as the country moves into a recovery phase, as part of its exit strategy for the MCO. This includes lifting restrictions on interstate travel and more economic sectors will be allowed to resume operations.

At this time, JEZ Consult can resume business such as onsite visit but again with conditions as well. The onsite place needs to have a temperature reading and the people in the office are required to wear facial mask. Social distancing is the new normal. So, please apologize if when we visit, we do not extend our hands to shake if you gestured so. Certain place also are still restricted depended on the Health Ministry chart zones. Currently any area that are placed as Extended Movement Control Order or EMCO and is deemed as Orange or Red zones, we do not provide onsite services. These restrictions is also on JEZ Consult not taking any Desktop or Laptop back to check for errors and repairs.

For those Desktops and Laptops that needs fixing, we will try to fix it on the spot as we currently still have the restrictions to bring back to office to check and repair. However, dependent on the complexity of the problem, we will consider to take back the unit for repair as well (For areas not under the Red zones). We will provide with the best solution possible and time taken to repair depending on the problem. 

For customers’ which computers problems are non-related to connectivity of on-site network connection issues, are advised to send back to their respective Head office. This is because, we had previous issue of calling the engineer to onsite places which are still not mapped on Google Maps (especially construction sites still under development) with a permanent address location. Additional charges will be added if needed us to deliver their computers back to their head office. 

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