:: NOTICE: Conditional Movement Control Order continues from 10th November 2020 until 6th December 2020.

The CMCO has been set to continue after the end of 14 days from 29th October till 9th November 2020. This was due to a sudden rise of infected cases after the Sabah election. Most of which, we believe to have come back from Sabah being infected and the count of infection increased mostly where we are at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor state. A further extension of 4 weeks now, immediately starts after 9th November 2020 until 6th December 2020. JEZ Consult has to resume business services or else suffer to close business dealings if this pandemic and movement control order continues. We just have to take precaution measures and follow the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). We will still limit our traveling services. Meaning, if we can solve the problems via remotely, then any fixes will be charged with a minimal fee. However, if the problem requires physical troubleshooting, then we will try to schedule a one day service trip but based on the area of red and orange zones. Please apologize for the inconveniences. We are trying to adjust to move around as government are trying to encourage people to work from home and there is currently some road blocks on the road and a big sum of summon/fine of RM1k if not careful. We understand that some things cannot basically be done from home. We are always aware of just hassle and problems. Especially with the rising of infected cases of the covid19 as well as the rises in the Internet world with ransomware and viruses. All types of devices and software are at risks. Not only Windows, but Linux and Android (on our mobile) as well.

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