:: NOTICE: Movement Control Order for 2021 year starts from 13th January 2021 until 26th January 2021.

Currently the numbers of infected has rise from 1k plus to 2k plus. Mainly the infected cases arise from factories and construction sites. This is also due to the number rising on other states since November and December of last year, the restriction has been lifted for state border crossing. We hope to decrease the number of infection after the closure of borders as well as district crossing as well. My main concern of course is my customers’ needs of services. Since most of my customers are within the district crossing. Any attempt to go to their office can result a MYR1,000.00 fine by the government authorities. Have extend my continuing service via Remote Access so long as the problem arise is fixable via thru internet.

Let us do our part by staying at home, work from home and always stay safe, social distance within 1 meter apart.