What you need to know about JEZ Consult.

The name JEZ Consult is relatively new but the people working have been active in the business industry for the last three (3) decades.

Having experienced staff in IT consulting, JEZ Consult offer services such as IT contract services to small-medium industries that doesn’t require a permanent IT staff to handle daily computer troubles but more of a weekly/month visiting services.

We also provide computer & laptop repairs on hardware parts and sell original licenses software. We are branded resellers for Logitech, Acer, Dell, Intel, TP-Link, Prolink, D-Link, ADATA, Microsoft and ASUS to name a few.

We have an established relationship with reputable local hosting company to provide website & email hosting solutions as well as network services such as network cabling and server management services.

JEZ Consult also partners with other expertise solutions such as CCTV security installation, Door Security & Facial recognition access, Cabling in Network and telephone, Language Translation & content writing, recruitment and HR, Motivational workshop & Microsoft Office training, software & app development. We have worked together in some projects and successfully recognize with our good teamwork and professionalism.

Services area coverage consist: Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Other states may be charged with mileage Services.

We do not provide services Overseas apart from Malaysia and Singapore.