:: NOTICE: Conditional Movement Control Order as of 12 May to 9 June 2020

Malaysia Government has extended its Movement Control Order with Conditions some businesses can be open provided they follow the Standard Operating Procedure. This has started already since May 4, 2020. But the official kick off date is from May 12 to 9 June 2020. Its to be called as Conditional Movement Control Order or CMCO for short.

At this time, JEZ Consult can resume business such as onsite visit but again with conditions as well. The onsite place needs to have a temperature reading and the people in the office are required to wear facial mask. Social distancing is a must. So, please apologize if when we visit, we do not extend our hands to shake if you gestured so. Certain place also are still restricted depended on the Health Ministry chart zones. Currently any area that are placed as Extended Movement Control Order or EMCO and is deemed as Orange or Red zones, we do not provide onsite services. These restrictions is also on JEZ Consult not taking any Desktop or Laptop back to check for errors and repairs.

For those Desktops and Laptops that needs fixing, we will try to fix it on the spot as we currently have the restrictions to bring back to office to check and repair. This of course, we will see the conditions of the repair. It will take a longer time than the usual 2 to 3 days as we are fixing onsite. We will provide with the best solution possible and time taken to repair depending on the problem.

Please apologize for any inconvenience caused.

:: NOTICE: Movement Control Order as of 18th MARCH 2020

Following the recent events around the world regarding the outbreak of corona virus, Our Government’s Prime Minister announced an immediate Movement Control Order with immediate effect on the 18th March 2020. Initially the MCO for short was until 28th March. But because of the severity of the cases of infection has increased tremendously, the MCO has extended to 28th April 2020.

During this time of MCO, companies are restricted to go to offices to work. Hence, we are all working from home. And have been forbidden to be out of our houses. We are instructed with only one person in the car and only one person per household to go out for groceries. We are not allowed to travel between states and we are also not allowed to travel more than 10KM within our premises. With that, our on-site services have been halted and we can only provide services via online.

With this restriction, we have the right to refuse business that could jeopardize our health due to the severity of the infection of corona virus (COVID19). Please do hope you understand our situation and if we have inconveniently been rude or refused to help a particular problem, we are solely making the decisions due to the nature of the infection of this corona virus. We apologize for any inconveniences especially denying of services which include picking up hardware laptop or desktop CPU.

Our services extension during this MCO includes hosting services, online software troubleshooting (this involves a currently working computer with internet access. This is usually done via remote access using either Teamviewer or AnyDesk. What we do is, we remote access to try to troubleshoot examples: for existing customers are renewal license for antivirus, third party email software configuration, problems installing software, to name a few. ) Renewal of hosting payments are all done via online payment. We are JomPAY biller since 2018.

During this time of Working from Home #workfromhome, we strongly advise our customer to secure their computer with original software especially antivirus and internet security software. Purchase a legitimate VPN software whenever performing online payment or online transaction for your bills. As more and more people are working form home, internet security is of utmost importance. We have received lots of customer’s feedback regarding email Spamming and even recent’s news on a test app that supposedly help in financing, but actually is a syndicate that robs your money.